Monday, 9 May 2016

Ah! There you are! Well I am going to talk a little about me today. It appears that I am limited to just 140 words in my profile space. So I thought why would you want to read a blog by someone you know nothing about?
      So where to start? Well I am an o.a.p. and have been retired for about 8 years. It took me around sixty years to go from
                        this to.......................                                         this


 But I still do a bit. I like to buy and sell stuff. However, that's rushing ahead too much. 
     I live in Andover in Hampshire ( in the U.K.). I am divorced and I have a 24 year old daughter who also blogs. When I find out how, I will add a link to her site!
      It's amazing being retired, I really don't know how I fitted in a full time job, because even now I don't seem to have enough time to do what I want to do. Anyway,as I was saying,I like to buy and sell stuff. I like to buy oldish or vintage collectible stuff, but I don't like to limit myself so I buy whatever I can if it'll make a profit. I do it as a hobby rather than a business, and whilst I like to deal in vinyl records, I specialise in nothing!! This week for example I have bought a flexible child size mannequin with stand, a wrought iron conservatory table, a camera, two fishing reels, a Marshall guitar amp, an Epiphone Gibson guitar and a cuddly toy!! No! No! Sorry I lied about the cuddly toy, though I have been known to buy the odd teddy if he’s vintage.
      So why do I do this? Well as you all well know, money in the bank just now, sits there doing very little. I began doing this as a way to make my money work for me, to buy my beer and fags if you like!! (Now of course I don't smoke having packed up a year ago). (See how by clicking the link to eBay, top right, my little Ebooklet now reduced to £2.50)!!! Plug, plug.
      Sorry about that, I digressed a bit !! Is that just me or an o.a.p. thing? See, I even digress when I am digressing!
      Now I didn't want to start having to store stuff, so I don't rent a warehouse or lock up garage,I like to sell it on quickly. That's not always an option, because many of the items I buy are in poor condition and need sorting out, the three pictures give you an idea what I mean
          1. Bits I acquired .                   2. When stuck together.           3. It was a medicine case.
      Not just a medicine chest, but a Victorian medicine chest. I paid £3.00 as it was in picture 1 and it sold at auction for £97.00 as it was in picture 3. Ok, it took a while to restore it, but what lovely item that would have been thrown away!!! Now that's the sort of item I have to keep in the spare room until I have time to fix it. Conversely, I picked this sweet little copper 1 Gill measure, with Victorian customs and excise lead seal for 50p. at a boot sale and sold it on eBay for around £12.00, not massive I know but a nice percentage return!!

Now I am not telling you these bits about what I do to show off, I mention them because there is no reason why you couldn't do much the same and make a little extra cash.
      In my first post I said something about giving up a few odd hints on what to look for, that perhaps not many people are doing or maybe not even aware of!! So, first one!!
      Do any of you remember the old mains radios of the 1940s and earlier? Well they are still knocking around, and you can pick them up for just a few quid. If they work you can sell them on eBay for around £20 to £50, but because they are so large and cumbersome, most people sell them “ collection only” and this limits the sale rather. However what I look out for, are battered old radios that have been chucked in a shed or an attic and are in an unsaleable condition. And what's inside ‘em?

Well radio valves of course!!! Now I know nothing about old radios or the flaming valves, but having acquired one in really poor condition I pulled out the valves and researched a bit on eBay. I was stunned!! There are people all over the world willing to pay £££s for these things. I actually rescued 6 valves and sold them for a total of £73.00 !!! The picture above shows five valves I bought recently in a radio for a fiver. I haven't sold them yet but research tells me they should sell for around £45, so again not big money, but it's so easy to make!! And postage is paid by the buyer, and they are light and easy to pack and ship any where in the world, you don't have to rely on finding a buyer on your door step!
      Well folks hope you can make some money from my little hint and be sure to comment if you do!!


  1. Delightful twenty-four year old daughter, I think you meant to say ;) nice post again :) won't be able to keep mumbling about old folks and computers at this rate.

  2. Well thank you daughter, ok so I've put in a link now. Happy?