Tuesday, 10 May 2016

my 4th post

      Well I started this blog with the intention of selling my little e-booklet, on how I gave up smoking after 60 years of being addicted to this awful habit. So what I'm going to do is give you a little taster as to what my booklet is about.
      I am going to insert or talk about various pages of the booklet simply to show you what to expect. The one feedback I have on eBay says, and I quote, "I have tried most things, but this may just help.... It is motivational and funny". This should tell you that it is not a dry and boring spiel giving you instructions on how to stop by padding out 200 pages with stuff that makes you want to give up reading rather than smoking! It shows that 60% of men in the U.K. in the 1950s were smokers. It shows the sort of adverts that were in newspapers, magazines, and on roadside hoardings. Like these below.  
     It seems quite incredible now that producers of cigarettes were able to advertise in this fashion! And of course we smoked everywhere, pubs, club, theatres, cinemas, restaraunts, on buses, in planes, in fact probably the only place we didn't smoke was in church.                                     
                          Anyway here for your delectation is the intro to my little ebooklet.
                      Learn how I gave up smoking after 63 years!!
Hiya! Let me introduce myself, my name is Norman Townsend and annoyingly I am 74 years old! I started smoking when I was 10, Way back in 1952.
      I stopped smoking aged 73. Yep, I know, it took me a long time. And during those 60 odd years, smoking cost me dearly. It cost me a fortune. You will find out how much as you read on. Thankfully I found a way to beat this addiction before it beat me.
      As it transpires, I also spent quite a lot of money during those 60 years on the numerous stop smoking remedies and products that I tried on many occasions, all, I am afraid, to no avail!
I go on to talk about how i am not a non-smoking guru, I don't suggest or guarantee that by reading this you will miraculously become a non-smoker. I offer this as simply the story of how I quit smoking after 63 years of this awful habit. I don't know if my "method" for want of a better word will work for you. But I trust you will find the story about my 63 years smoking habit, interesting, amusing maybe, and an enjoyable read. But most of all I hope that you will feel inspired to give quitting a try! To feel if an old geezer like me can do it then so too can you.
      I then go on to talk about my smoking in the early years. The following paragraph or two are from my e-booklet.

I want you to picture the scene, a small boy aged around 10 walks into a newsagent shop. The boy is wearing national health wire rimmed glasses, short grey flannel trousers, long woollen socks, black lace up shoes and a woollen short-sleeved V-necked pullover, over a checked shirt. He walks up to the counter and says to the shopkeeper, "10 Capstan full strength please ". The shopkeeper reaches behind him, selects a packet from the shelf, hands it to the boy and says, "That will be one shilling and five pence please ".
      The child hands over the money and walks out of the shop unwrapping his cigarettes! The shopkeeper goes about his shopkeeping business.
      There was nothing unusual about this transaction, because this was 1952. The small boy was me ............and countless others acting out the same scene throughout the country and probably the world, in one form or another.

This picture was taken in around 1951. I am fourth from the right in the top row, and I would have walked from this school in my dinner break, as we called it then, to the nearest shop to buy my cigarettes. Probably with my best mate Derek, who is second from the right in the top row.
      It seems incredible now that any shopkeeper would sell a packet of fags to kids, who were kids, and looked like kids, and we didn't disguise the fact, we went in our school clothes! We simply did not understand the destructive nature of what we were buying. And the shopkeeper was there to make money, not to be the nations conscience!
      Smoking permeated every aspect of our lives. However you travelled, be it train, boat or plane we smoked. Although I do remember you could only smoke upstairs on buses, and on planes you couldn't smoke during take off and landing. Every restaraunt you went into was filled with smokers, every theatre and cinema, it seems extraordinary to think of it like that now. Adverts told us how cigarettes would enhance our lives, make us more attractive. Footballers had a fag and a cup of tea at half time, and even the great Sir Stanley Matthews appeared in adverts that said " Stan takes his training very seriously, and soon found that Craven A cigarettes suited him best". He goes on to say that he liked Craven A best "because they were kinder to his throat"!
      Little wonder then, that as many as 80% of men smoked during the 1940s.
      My little booklet goes on to tell you about my " battle plan", and how I began to tackle the smoking demons that told me how much I "enjoyed" smoking! Continuing with the battle to eventually defeat this insidious and ridiculous habit. 
      I have now been smoke free for over a year, it would be great to hear from those of you that have also beaten this smoking curse. So please take the time to comment it all adds momentum to the stop smoking band waggon.      Norman Townsend.


  1. debbie spencer12 May 2016 at 14:53

    Interesting reading Norman...keep blogging

    1. Thank you Debbie, I am going to try, but I will keep it fairly light weight. It becomes so easy to turn it into a personal rant, and I want to encourage people, not put them off. Comments like yours will keep me going! Regards, Norman Townsend .

  2. Just purchased you pamphlet. Very informative and amusing. Found it easy to read and very motivational - thank you.

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