Wednesday, 4 May 2016

My very first blog

      To blog or not to blog, that is the question I have asked myself often during the last couple of years. What on earth would I write about that anyone would want to read? When I was younger I loved to write, but now there are so many people at it, what could I say that hasn't already been said a million times before. So the answer has always been no!(well not would be more precise). Then in, well I would love to say, in a flash of inspiration , or, I had an epiphany, a road to Damascus experience, but it was none of those things. After  talking to a friend about the fact that I had given up smoking, having been addicted for over sixty years, we began to talk about how, when I was a kid everyone smoked. How professional footballers had a fag and a cup of tea at half time, how actors, doctors, dentists and even sports stars would endorse cigarettes and praise what were then perceived as the virtues of smoking. At first, I think she thought I was exaggerating, so I began to do a little research, and this showed that in the 1940s and 50s,  80% of men smoked!! We then looked through the many different brands of cigarettes there were and the way they were advertised, in papers, magazines,in cinemas,in sports sponsorship and later in T.V. adverts.
      Anyway, long story short, it was then she suggested I write an Ebook and share the experiences of my childhood and youth as a smoker, and how I was eventually able to quit. My initial response was pretty negative!  I told her that I had read numerous books that purport to tell you how to pack up, but I found them so laborious and boring that I’d rather give them up, before I could give up smoking!! Her response? “Well you know the answer then, write a non boring short version, that people can read, understand and remember”. “Write the important bits” she went on. “Write the bits that helped or made you give up, that people can read in fifteen or twenty minutes”!
       SO I DID!! Well in truth what I have written tells how I gave up smoking, what worked for me. It took me a long time find a way to beat this insidious habit, but beat it I did!! And hence this blog.  I have never been involved in a venture like this before, but my intention is to sell this little story of mine, cos let’s face it, you smokers out there will pay, what is it now? £8, £10 for a packet of fags,
so if I can inspire you to stop, then surely that's worth at least a fiver!! Besides as a poor old age pensioner I need to recoup some of the fortune I spent on smoking over the years!!
      Currently my Epamphlet as I will call it is available through eBay. As soon as I know how,I will add a bit so that it can be purchased via this blog! (currently if you go into eBay and search " stop smoking" in category "health and beauty", I am about 27th. on the first page, you will see my black and white head shot of me as a little boy)!!
       Now I should also make clear that this blog will not always be about “Smoking Cessation”, because let's face it, it ain't the be all and end all!! So hopefully  I will be talking to you about lots of other stuff! Vinyl records, crafts, restoring stuff, stuff I buy and sell and maybe even how you can
make a bit of extra cash!! Every now and then I will slip in a little “ gem” of some sorts for you to peruse and maybe buy.

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  1. Looking forward to reading more of your blogs and your epamphlet about how you stopped smoking after 60 years!!!